• April 24, 2021

Vehicle Insurance: Do you know what vehicle insurance is and its importance?

Insurance against third parties: This insurance includes reparation for damage and compensation for other vehicles and their passengers if the insured is the party that caused the accident and it is proven that, and it does not include the insured vehicle or its owner and its passengers, and this type of insurance is also called (compulsory insurance), and the name refers to the fact that the law It is compulsory for the vehicle owner to insure his vehicle with this type of insurance, and on the contrary, the vehicle owner is entitled to punishment, which may amount to imprisonment in some laws.

The advantages of third-party insurance:

  1. Compensation for accidents caused by the insured (unintended accidents) is offered to others, and thus it protects him from paying sums that may be high at times, and relatively speaking, it makes the vehicle driver safe from the risks of accidents.
  2. Its installments are relatively simple and not high. They are not considered among the amounts that burden the vehicle owner in comparison to the protection it provides and the risks it covers.
  3. Installments are fixed and do not change the value of the vehicle.

Disadvantages of third-party insurance:

The disadvantages of this type of insurance can be limited to the limited coverage and protection it provides, as it is limited to the vehicle of others, and therefore any damages and breakdowns that occur to the owner or driver’s vehicle are not covered by this type of insurance if he was the one who caused the accident, and he must bear the costs of these faults and damages.


full insurance :


It is optional for the vehicle, and in this case the vehicle owner chooses to cover his vehicle with full protection. Under this comprehensive contract, protection includes both his vehicle and other vehicles, and their passengers.

The advantages of comprehensive insurance:


  1. An insurance that offers high protection, in which the insured feels protected on his vehicle, even if he caused the accident, and thus he may avoid paying large and painstaking sums to repair it.
  2. Insurance for many types of risks, as it is not limited to vehicle accidents, as comprehensive insurance covers the risks of theft, fire and others.

Downsides of comprehensive insurance:


  1. High premiums, and not all vehicle owners are able to pay them, or at least comfortably, especially if we know that many of those who own modern cars are those who pay their prices through bank financing and in the form of monthly installments.
  2. It does not cover all cars, except for the modern ones, and according to the age of each vehicle. The old vehicle is assumed to be fast and causes accidents more than its modern counterpart.
  3. The field of referring the dispute to the courts is many due to the high value of the claims. Therefore, the insured may have to resort to the courts against the insurance companies.

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