• April 25, 2021

Conditions for third-party insurance and what cases are not covered by third-party insurance

The third-party insurance project aims to adhere to the driver and the citizen with the traffic rules and to maintain safety and security while driving, whether this is in the interest of the citizen who drives the car or the interest of other citizens on the road.

The third-party insurance scheme insures the insured in one of the insurance companies on the other “third” party, meaning a third party, against the occurrence of any accident.

In the event that an accident occurs, God forbid, for any reason, the insurance company becomes obligated to compensate the third party for the damages that he suffered and the damages that caused the accident.

In addition to paying the value of the damage or repairing the car, the insurance company is fully obligated to provide a car to the third party, even repairing his car for a maximum period of ten days.

On the other hand, this type of insurance provides a guarantee that the perpetrator of the accident, i.e. the insured, will not enter traffic prison, in addition to that the insured is not required to pay the value of the damages resulting from the accident.

It is worth noting that the insurance company is not responsible for any damages to the insured’s car during an accident, and it is not required to fulfill any of his obligations.


What are the conditions for third-party insurance companies?


The document must be in effect while compensating the third party.

The insured shall be obligated to pay the insurance premiums on time.

The insurance company is obligated to pay damages and compensation, which amount to a maximum of about ten million Saudi riyals.

The third-party insurance company does not cover damages and damages resulting from accidents and natural disasters such as rain and floods, etc.

The driver’s license must be renewed, so that the insured can obtain both the car and third party insurance.

In the event that the insured adheres to traffic and traffic rules and is not subjected to any violations for years, the insurance companies offer discounts from 10% to 40% to owners of traffic records without claims.

The third party will receive the compensation within 15 days from the date of the claim, and it can also receive it, whether in cash or check.


Cases not covered by third-party insurance


The insurance companies explained that there are some cases that are not covered by third-party insurance, and these cases come as follows:


If the vehicle exceeds the permitted load or number of passengers.

The vehicle or vehicle was used in a race, or the vehicle exceeded the speed limit.

If the car crosses a traffic light.

If the accident was on purpose with the other vehicle.

If the vehicle is driven by another person who does not have a driver’s license.

If the driver of the vehicle is less than the permitted age of 21 years.

When driving in places where driving is not permitted, such as ports, train areas, and others.

If the vehicle is stolen or taken by force.

If it is proven that the insured gave a group of incorrect data, or deliberately concealed some information while filling out the insurance application form.

Failure of the insured to notify the insurance company of an accident within a maximum period of 10 days.

The insured flee from the scene of the accident after the accident.

Driving the vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic.

Driving and riding in sand dunes.

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